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Dan Reigstad, CLPE, FFS

- Certified Latent Print Examiner - I.A.I

- Fellow of the Fingerprint Society of the U.K.

- Advanced TCOLE Instructor

- Full-Time Law Enforcement Academy Instructor

- Master Peace Officer

- Retired Senior Latent Print Examiner /

         Crime Scene Detective

- Firearms Instructor / AR-15 & M-16  Armorer

Short Background

I served in the U.S. Army from 1983 - 1992 in combat and combat training units throughout the United States, West Germany and South Korea. In 1992 I began a law enforcement career with the Longview Police Department in Longview, Texas. I served as a patrol officer and field training officer. In 1995 I began processing crime scenes and working with fingerprints. I transferred to the Physical Evidence Section (PES) as a Crime Scene Detective and Latent Print Examiner where I served until my retirement from Longview P.D. in April 2015. While in the PES Section, I was a certified AFIS Fingerprint System Remote Operator for Texas DPS and Universal Latent Workstation Operator for the FBI.

While in the PES Section, I also served 6 years attached to the the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) East Texas Violent Crimes Task Force processing crime scenes and fingerprint cases throughout Northeast Texas. While serving in the PES Section, I also assisted agencies throughout Texas in major case investigations, including thousands of crime scenes, death investigations and murders. I have testified throughout Texas in hundreds of cases as an expert witness in fingerprint processing and identifications, crime scene processing, shooting reconstructions and bloodstain pattern analysis. 

In my extensive career, I have attended thousands of hours of formal training in fingerprints, crime scene investigations, shooting reconstructions, bloodstain analysis and forensic photography. My training includes some of the top instructors from the FBI, DEA, AFT, Secret Service, U.S. Army Crime Lab, Texas DPS, New York PD, Miami PD, Dallas PD, Houston PD, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, Toronto University, and many top civilian forensic instructors. I have been a certified instructor with the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) since 2001, and have instructed numerous advanced fingerprint, palm print and photography courses throughout Texas since 2001 and currently hold an Advanced Instructor Certificate. I have instructed courses for numerous police academies and law enforcement agencies throughout Texas. In April 2015 I retired from the Longview Police Department and began teaching full-time at a large police academy in Northeast Texas. I am also affiliated with Texas Forensic Associates and one of the largest private investigations companies in northeast Texas. 

I currently hold the following licenses, certifications or duties:

​- Certified Latent Print Examiner (International Association for Identification)

- Fellow (Fingerprint Society of the United Kingdom)

- Master Peace Officer (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

- Advanced Instructor (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

- Firearms Instructor (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

- Emergency Vehicle Operator Instructor (Texas Engineering Extension / Texas A&M)

- Private Investigator License (Texas Private Security Bureau)

- Former Chairman (Texas Division of the International Association for Identification)

- Certified AR-15/M-16 Armorer (Law Enforcement)

Active Membership in the Following Associations:

- International Association for Identification (parent body and Texas Division)

- Fingerprint Society of the United Kingdom

- Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction

- International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

- International Crime Scene Investigators Association

​- East Texas Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's Association